Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a dress code? We are very relaxed in our dress, comfort is our priority. Come as you are.

I have a very active toddler, am I welcome at the service? Children are welcome! There is a small play space at the rear of the sanctuary for them to play quietly. If you feel that they need to make a bit more noise or to let off some energy we have a nursery with toys off of the Great Hall. Leave and return as you need to.  Often young children dance in the aisles during the hymns, so you and your child(ren) will be most welcome!

There aren’t any pews, where do I sit? Anywhere you feel comfortable. If you are concerned an usher will help you.

How will I know what to do during the service?  A bulletin will be provided by the usher that incorporates the entire service, all hymns, prayers and important information for that week. We do have copies of The Book of Common Prayer between the seats if you feel more comfortable using that.  Feel  free to ask someone near you if you have any questions. Sample Bulletin

Do you serve Communion/ Lord’s Supper/ Eucharist?  Yes we do, every week at the Sunday 8:00 am, 10:00 am and 6:30 pm services and at the Wednesday noon service.   EVERYONE is welcome to receive communion-it is the Lord’s table and following Jesus’ example, we welcome all.

What do we do when The Peace is exchanged? As a symbol of our mutual love in Christ we greet one another, shake hands and say “Peace be with You”.

There is no communion rail, what do I do? Communion is usually held in a semi-circle in front of the Altar. The ushers lead us there based on where you are sitting, starting with the choir and ministers assisting Father Peter, and then going around the room as directed. Just follow the ushers, they will guide you.

Do you use communion wafers or real bread for the Eucharist? I am gluten free, what do I do? I don’t drink alcohol, what should I do? We use homemade bread for the Eucharist, made lovingly by our Bread Bakers Ministry. If you need a gluten free wafer there are always some available, just ask Fr. Peter as he serves you. We use wine, recently it has been made by our men’s group. We do not currently offer an alcohol free option, but feel comfortable in not partaking of the wine (the communion is still valid for you), simply cross your arms over your chest as the wine passes.

How do I address the priest? Father Peter.

What happens after the service?  We encourage everyone to participate in our after worship fellowship, loving called, Holy Grounds Café, in the Great Hall where we normally offer a variety of homemade goods, fruit, cheese, coffee, water, and juice

I’d like to talk with someone after the service, will I be able to do that? Who do I talk to?  We have designated church representatives who would love to talk with you. If you have a particular concern they can connect you with the correct person who can address your questions, or speak with one of the ushers. Father Peter is always available for conversation after the service.  Please sign our Guest Book by the Sanctuary doors if you would like Father Peter to contact you.

I am handicapped, is there handicapped accessible parking? Is your building accessible? Yes, we have three designated handicapped parking spaces, a building elevator and our worship and fellowship spaces, including bathrooms, are fully accessible.

What’s with all of the announcements? Our announcements are our primary way of communicating all of the wonderful activities going on at St. Mark’s. If you are curious about anything we announce please talk with the announcer after the service. We’d love to talk with you, and clarify information as needed.

I have special prayer concerns, will there be someone available to pray with me during the service, or shortly after? We have a healing minister during the Eucharist in the rear of the sanctuary, next to the baptismal font. Please feel free to use their services as you so desire. If you need additional prayer time we have a Chapel in our office wing you may use.  You may also speak with the priest.

What is the difference between the three services on Sunday and Wednesday service? The 8:00 am service is spoken only and lasts about 40 minutes and is intimate. The 10:00 am service is sung and spoken and lasts about an hour and is our largest service. The 6:30 pm service is aimed towards teens and young adults and lasts about 30 minutes, includes Eucharist, and is often without music. It only occurs during the school year. We also have a Wednesday noon service in our Chapel that is spoken, with Eucharist, and lasts 40 minutes.

What do I do if I want to learn more about St. Mark’s and the Episcopalian faith? Sign the guestbook that is in front of the doors to the sanctuary. The usher will assist you. You may also pick up our informational trifold on the Welcoming Table as you enter the Great Hall.

Sample Bulletin